Sample Tests

Below is a sample of the kinds of questions that are asked on a written examination for an driver's license. This sample test does not replace the test you must take to qualify for a Connecticut driver's license. The sample test is designed to give you an opportunity to test your knowledge before taking the actual exam.

All buttons are pre-set to start you at the top of each selection to review possible answers, but you must mark the correct answer in each category. When you are completed, please submit your answers.


Question 1: What does an eight-sided sign mean?

A. Yield
B. Stop
C. Wrong way

Question 2: At an intersection with a four-way stop, which driver can go first?

A. The driver that reached the intersection first
B. The driver to the left of you
C. The driver in front of you

Question 3: How far ahead should you look when you are on the open highway?

A. About one mile
B. About a quarter of a mile
C. About a half of a mile

Question 4: Why shouldn't you rely on another driver's signal light to turn?

A. The lights may have been left on from an earlier turn
B. The vehicle may be turning another way
C. The lights may not be working properly

Question 5: You come to a sharp crest of a hill. What should you do?

A. Turn your lights on
B. Turn your vehicle's radio or stereo off
C. Slow down

Question 6: When a large truck wants to pass you, what should you do?

A. Slow down to shorten the time required to pass
B. Pull over
C. Speed up

Question 7: What would be a reason for approaching a sharp curve slowly?

A. To save wear and tear on your tires
B. To be able to take in the scenery
C. To be able to stop if someone is in the roadway

Question 8: Under most conditions what is a safe following distance?

A. 3 seconds or more
B. 2 seconds
C. 1 second

Question 9: How many drinks of alcohol does it take to affect your driving?

A. One
B. Two
C. Three

Question 10: How do seat belts and shoulder straps help a driver control the vehicle?

A. They help you stay awake and alert
B. They prevent you from getting injured in an accident
C. They prevent you from sliding on your seat in sudden stops and turns, and they keep you behind the wheel if you are hit from the side

Question 11: Why should you clean your headlights?

A. Dirty headlights greatly reduce your ability to see
B. You can increase the life of your headlights
C. Keep the insects off your headlights

Question 12: A traffic light with a flashing red signal means?

A. Yield
B. Caution
C. Stop

For more information, please see CT Driver's Manual.

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